Our mentors serve multiple purposes for our scholars. They are role models, coaches, voices of reason, confidantes, and sources of emotional support.

As a mentor with the Reston Scholarship Fund, you will be able to personally connect with and groom South Lakes High School seniors who need guidance on how to navigate life in the 21st century. Your service as a guide to our scholars can include resume review, career choice exploration, goal setting as well as other supportive actions that motivate and inspire your mentees to achieve their dreams.

Mentors also have the honor of helping us shortlist scholars from our job application pool. Your personal connection with your mentees can help us decide if a student would be the right fit for our organization.

Review our Mentor Requirements below and decide if becoming a Reston Scholarship Fund Mentor is the right fit for you!



Hit these targets and blaze trails for South Lake High School scholars

Requirement 1

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Requirement 2

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Requirement 4

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To apply to be a mentor, email us at info@restonscholarship.org, call 703-620-6061, or mail your application to 2940 Hunter Mill Road, Suite 201, Oakton VA 22124.